1. AFA Welcomes
    New tournament directors for Texas, New Mexico , Arizona and Central California West Coast AFA
  2. 2019 AFA Nationals
    Fastpitch Nationals will be held in So Cal. June 29 - July 5 For more info go to:
  3. AFA Slow Pitch
    Adult softball for the next generation. We offer tournaments for Men's, Women's, Co-Ed and Senior's

AFA West Coast Director - Glen Messick

The AFA would like to welcome new tournament directors

Corey  Davisson - Central, CA  -  559-618-7976  [email protected]
Yuji Takahashi - Houston, TX  -  832-701-3399   -  [email protected]
Jackie Benavides - Gulf Coast, TX  -  409-356-3605   -  [email protected]
John Medrano - El Paso, TX and NM  -  915-704-2101   -  [email protected]
Mike Kenneth - Phoenix, AZ  -   602-751-5887    [email protected]
George Bradford - Phoenix, AZ  -  480-249-6151  -  [email protected]

American Fastpitch Association

The American Fastpitch Association or AFA, is a nonprofit corporation, under the direction of Ron Gossmer. It was founded in Anaheim, CA in 1980 for the promotion of girls fast pitch softball. AFA added adult slow pitch in 2008, baseball in 2009 and senior slow pitch in 2012. The AFA is operated by a group of volunteers across the country and has no paid staff.

The AFA has held National and International Tournaments for over 20 years. Teams from 40 different states, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan have participated.

Over 10,000 girls that have played AFA have received college scholarships. Many have gone on to become college coaches,  play on the U.S. Olympic Softball team, or the Women's Professional Leagues.

The AFA is committed to working hard to provide an environment that produces positive experiences for players, coaches, parents, tournament directors and anyone else involved in the sport of softball and baseball.

Thank you for your support and participation in the AFA,
Ron Gossmer.

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